About Motoca

The word Motoca is the verb in the Náhuatl (Aztec) language meaning “Being Planted” or “To Plant”.

Motoca is a pioneering System Solutions company advocating for a “Regenerative Approach to Development in Remote Communities, Island Nations and in Extractive and Resource Intensive Industries”.

Motoca identifies, brokers, facilitates and implements energy efficient, self-sustainable, zero emissions, zero tillage, and zero waste business opportunities.

The principles of the Blue Economy, the Collaboration Economy, and the Circle Economy are Motoca (being planted).

The purpose of Motoca is “To Plant”, nurture, and grow sustainable practices, strategies and policies that harm less, do no harm  and regenerate our environment while contributing to job creation, clean development and to the economy.


Motoca Eco-Effective, Integrated & Holistic Regenerative System Solutions

José Luis Gutiérrez-García, Principal

Email: joseluis@motoca.ca

Phone: 1 + 604 984 43 27 ext 1 | Toll free in Canada and the U.S.: 1 (877) 580-9725 ext 1