Motoca Eco-Effective,  Integrated & Holistic Regenerative System Solutions
José Luis Gutiérrez-García
Position: Principal
Location: North Vancouver, Canada
Public Profile:

In 2011, Mr.  Gutiérrez-García achieved a Master Certificate in Sustainable Supply Chain Management and a Certificate in Corporate and Environmental Sustainability from the University of San Francisco. The same year José Luis held the Chair of the Sustainability Committee for a remote gold mining operation in the Arctic where he coordinated with a seven member Committee: Logistics, Geologist, Trades Electrician, Mine Engineer, Health-Safety and Loss Prevention Specialist, Budget Controller, and Camp Manager.

José Luis successfully introduced:

  • Strategic Sustainable Sourcing – Green Procurement – Green Suppliers
  • Renewable cleaning and disinfecting technology to replace four chemical cleaning consumables from housekeeping operations, estimated to save $80,802 a year.
  1. $61,107 savings a year in cost of consumables
  2. $18,720 savings a year in transportation costs of consumable chemicals to site
  3. $975 savings a year in waste disposal costs of consumable’s plastic packaging
  4. Improved employee’ health and well-being by reducing their exposure to toxic chemical fumes

José Luis launched a pilot project for:

  • Solar/wind mobile light-plant to replace diesel operated light plants to:
  1. Save fuel costs
  2. Save diesel usage
  3. Reduce CO2 emissions

José Luis was influential in furthering a proposal to the Canadian federal government for a clean energy Remote Autonomous Energy System (RAES) worth $20 million dollar funding from EcoEII on a total project cost of $112,090,000.00

José Luis designs integrated and resource-effective, regenerative plans, strategies and system solutions with project specific requirements.

Mr. Gutiérrez-García is fluent in Spanish and English, able to travel extensively. He provides the leadership, know-how, and motivation, to transform stakeholders’ and key employees’ mindset from environmental compliance to business value.


Motoca Eco-Effective,  Integrated & Holistic Regenerative System Solutions

José Luis Gutiérrez-García, Principal


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